Gallery1 Painting locations Then & Now

"Pine Grove, Sunset" Inverlynn

Sunset through the Pinegrove, in watercolour, from the west side of the McGillivray ancestral home, Inverlynn, in Whitby C-1910

Photograph of the Grove

Over 100 years have passed since this painting was created. Many trees have grown and fallen, storms have had an effect on the grove, but this current photo view to the west through the grove is eerily similar.

" An Island of Rocks"

Near the mouth of Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay. Florence sat in front of the Firth cottage, and painted this watercolour view. This is a stones throw away from Dr. McCallum's cottage where the Group of Seven painted in the same era. C - 1924

A photograph of the Island

The vegetation has changed  since the Island was painted, but the striations in the rocks remain the same in this modern day photo.

"Church on Saturday"

The Presbyterian Church in Wakefield Quebec, in water-colour. This is where Florence's brother - in - law Rev. Robert Gamble ministered to his flock for more than forty years C - 1925

A photograph of the Church

Things in Wakefield have changed over the years but as of 2017 this quaint old house of worship still stands.

Gallery 1, Painting locations Then and Now Cont.

"Winter at Rosebank"

This spectacular oil from 1917 is from the west side of the mouth of the Rouge River in Pickering at Rosebank Station now know as Rouge beach and marsh area. It now resides in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Photograph of the Hill

On a grey winters day in 2017 the sun was not on the horizon as when Florence painted the scene 100 years ago. If we look closely their may be remnants of growth of the birch tree she used in the foreground on the promontory that exists at the mouth of the river still.

"Bank St, Bridge, Ottawa"

This watercolour sketch  C- 1920's from the old part of town in Ottawa has more than one rendition, It was walking distance from Florence's Frank Street Carriage House Studio.

Photograph of the Bridge

In the modern era this bridge is still a busy overpass and in more recent years it has been restored accentuating its period rot iron lampposts. 

"Shannon Falls, Squamish, BC"

In one of her first trips after the great war traveling in British Columbia she visits and paints a number of watercolours in the Squamish area, this one of its famous falls.

A Photograph of the Falls

Another rainy day in B.C. when I came upon this now busy tourist attraction on the road to Whistler. Not much has changed with these picturesque falls

Gallery 2 From Sketch to Canvas

Cheville # 1

This tired watercolour sketch was found in a folio of sketches left by the artist in her Whitby home Inverlynn discovered in more recent years

Cheville #2

In this second rendition she spreads the trees and defines them and the surroundings more clearly helping us to focus in the centre of the work a mid size watercolour she treats as a completed work

"Tree Trunks, Cheville near Paris", C - 1914

In this final watercolour version she clumps the trees to create a vision of the building through the trees in this beautiful Fauvist rendition of the work that is in the permanent collection of the Greater Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria BC

"Wreck at St. Ives" sketch

This small sketch, coloured pencil on paper is typical of her plein air sketches she creates while traveling, some are even sold at her tea art shows and some are worked up in the studio in to larger works.

"Wreck at St.Ives"

This moody shoreline watercolour gives us a sense of the old wreck she saw on the beach near St. Ives, Cornwall, sketch C- 1910 finished painting likely from studio when she returned home later.

Gallery 2 From Sketch to Canvas Cont.

"The Grove, Inverlynn"

When Florence returns from her European tour in Aug. of 1914 this watercolour wash is the first of a sequence of four paintings she creates that impact Canadian art

Untitled, Grove

The second  watercolour in this series of the grove brings elements of colour and style influences of fauvism from her experiences in Paris, signed and dated 1914

Untitled, Pine Grove

The third painting this larger oil is again part of the newer thickly painted style she experiments with, which she shows to her Toronto friends from the Algonquin school


This final rendition of her Pine Grove beside her Whitby home, signed and dated 1914 Is purchased by the National Gallery of Canada at its first showing and remains in the permanent collection. This spectacular painting is pivitol to the Canadian Modernists movement it affects Tom Thomson and others who later form the Group of Seven

Caribbean Element Sketch

We see her experimenting with elements of composition  for her Caribbean paintings in this sketch, that she works into larger pieces when she returns to her Ottawa Carriage House studio in the twenties.

" Jamaican Path"

One wonders if this place really exists, or is it a group  of elements she brings together to create this lovely warm watercolour scene of life in Jamaica (women carrying laundry on their heads), signed  C 1925

Gallery 3, Early Paintings

Untitled Stilllife

One can marvel at the treatment of glass in this early  watercolour work, Pitcher,Glass and Lemon, 1893, with monogram, private collection

Untitled, Blue Vase

If we look closely at this likely student work, we might see a reflection of the artist in the stunning blue vase. watercolour C-1880

Untitled, Green Vase & Flowers

Another student work this lovely floral still-life captures the subject well in this monogrammed watercolour C - 1880, private collection

Untitled, Hat & Eggs

A typical farm scene after collecting eggs. This watercolour is unsigned but is from the student period C - 1880, private collection

Untitled, Jug & Book

This oil on cardboard is  a students foray into a new medium, unsigned C-1880, private collection

Untitled, Pot & Apples

A scene familiar to a farm girl, picking apples from the orchard, this watercolour, unsigned, C - 1880, private collection

Early Paintings Cont.

Untitled, Vase Jar Teapot

An early still-life  oil , unsigned, C 1890's, PC

Untitled, Pottery Vases

Likely a student work, these glazed pots are in oil, unsigned, C 1880's, PC

Untitled, Lemonade

Similar to a painting shown earlier in this gallery, the glass pitcher now is filled with lemonade, this watercolour has a monogram, and is dated1893, PC

Untitled, Oranges, Lemons

Another early student still-life in watercolour, unsigned, C 1880's PC

Untitled, Pear Apple Grapes

Another subtly coloured still-life in watercolour, signed, C1880's PC

Toronto Skyline Scene

Florence painted this view of Toronto's skyline looking back from Toronto Island When she first painted with Lucius R. O'Brien, watercolour, signed, 1890, PC

Gallery 4 Sketches

"Fishing Schooner, Labrador"

This ink and coloured pencil sketch on paper laid on card likely made it to one of her tea art show sales, it is signed and dated 1918, private collection

Untitled, Bend in the Road

An unfinished oil on canvas was also found in the folio of sketches at Inverlynn, unsigned, C- 1900, private collection

"Ice Labrador"

This sketch from one of her several trips to the east coast of Canada is a watercolour and Ink on card, it is unsigned, C - 1918, private collection

Untitled, Women's Portrait

This unknown women's portrait, charcoal and graphite on paper is early, it is unsigned and we speculate C - 1890,

private collection

"At jasper, BC"

This sketch is later, from her last trip to British Columbia,ink on paper it is signed C - 1934, private collection

Untitled, Bearded Black Man

We speculate that this gentleman could be European because of his costume and the paper has a French watermark,  a charcoal and graphite on paper sketch is unsigned , C - 1913, private collection

Gallery 5 Portraits

Master Donald McGillivray

This could be one of her earliest portraits,

 it is her younger brother Donald who grew up to be an eminent Doctor in Toronto. This unsigned, oil on canvas portrait is from a private collection.

George McGillivray

A portrait of her father George McGillivray was painted after his death in 1894 from a photo from i890. this unsigned , oil on canvas is part of family private collection C -1894

Caroline Amelia McGillivray nee Fothergill

Portrait of her mother, an unsigned ,oil on canvas likely the same vintage of her fathers C - 1894. in the i890's the family urged Florence to make portraits  of her parents and copies of exiting grandparents portraits, so all would have copies.

Theodore Augustus McGillivray

A portrait of her brother, the lawyer and later judge from Whitby. This unsigned, oil on canvas is likely C - 1894 and is from a private family collection.

Catherine Amelia Maclaren nee McGillivray

One of her elder sisters, who married the accomplished business man David Maclaren. this unsigned  oil on canvas is from 1902 and is also in a private family collection.

Unknown Male Child

This stunning watercolour is signed, and dated 1912, it may be of a child who was a family friend of her sister Adelaide who lived in Wakefield, Quebec. private collection

Gallery 5 Portraits Cont.

George McGillivray

One of at least 6 smaller oil paintings created from an 1891 photograph of Florence's father. All paintings are in the extended families private collections this oil unsigned C - 1905

Elderly Gentleman

Believed to be a portrait of her early mentor, Lucius R. O'Brien, when he visited Inverlynn in 1898 and painted with Florence around the property. This oil is signed, 1898

James Holden

A commissioned portrait of James Holden founding President of Ontario Ladies College. this oil is unsigned C -1900, part of O.L.C. permanent collection

"Parlour Maid"

Likely a maid from Inverlynn, this oil is signed and dated 1901 from a private collection


This might be a portrait of Florences Niece  Laura Gamble, Florence's sister Adelaide's daughter, who was training as a nurse in that era, she later gained fame as a nurse in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces WWI, an oil, signed, 1901 from a private collection

J.J. Hare

Another commissioned portrait by Ontario Ladies College of Principal J.J. Hare, an oil that was signed then overpainted C - 1906, part of O.L.D. permanent collection

Gallery 6 Arts & Crafts


Inspired by Mary E. Dignam President of the Women's Art Association of Canada, Florence begins to explore the art of painted china. She creates this floral design on a Rockwood Pottery piece in 1893, monogram on the base

Fruit Bowl & Serving Dishes

This lovely set of fruit bowl and 12 serving dishes has no makers mark in a floral design it has a monogram and date of 1896 on the base

Demitasse or Chocolate Cup

This cup with a traditional English portrait design, also has no makers mark but has a monogram and date of 1897.

Ceramic Tile Portrait

This tile likely fired by Florence is of her mother Caroline, unsigned and undated likely 1890's

Dowery Box

This elaborately carved box by Florence with the McGillivray crest and motto was used as teaching model for her Ontario Ladies College carving class in 1905. It is a cherished heirloom in the family private collection


This art nuevo porcelain creamer has been graciously donated to the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. It has no makers mark but has an FHM monogram and is dated 1909.

Gallery 6 Arts ad Crafts Cont.


This dinner plate part of a set with a light green and gold boarder has a hand painted scene of birds on a branch, dated 1888 with a monogram, from a private collection

Soap Dish

This lovely period portrait with its delicately painted borders adorns this soap painted in 1892 with a monogram on the bottom, from a private collection


This ornamental vase with a cherub is finely painted, dated 1895 with a monogram on its base is from a private collection

Demitasse cups

The colourful floral designs are elegant on these 2demitasse cups, painted in1895 with a Monogram on the base are from a private collection

Wash Set

Grasses in sombre colours are the theme of this functional wash table set, all signed with Monogram dated1897, al part of a private collection


This pretty water pitcher with a floral design has been well used, dated 1899, with Monogram on the base, is from a Private Collection

Gallery 7 From Around Inverlynn

" Inverlynn Gate"

This view is similar to what you might see today when you approach the McGillivray ancestral home . This unsigned,  watercolour C -1890 is in a private collection

"Wheat Sheaves of Inverlynn"

This view of the flats beside Inverlynn no longer exists. The unsigned, oil on canvas is C - 1890's from a private collection

Untitled, Wooded Hedgerow

This represents a field divider somewhere on the Inverlynn property. This signed, oil on board, is C -!890's from a private collection

Untitled, Path by Stream

The painting depicts a path beside Lynde Creek to the north of Inverlynn. This signed, oil on board is C - 1890's from a private collection.

"In Harvest Time"

The hay wagon and the pine grove hide Inverlynn in the fall harvest scene.. The unsigned, oil on canvas is C - 1890's from a private collection.


 A view often seen looking to the west of Inverlynn on many an evening. This delicate watercolour in the classic European style, is signed posthumously by ACR M'Gonicle dated 1898 ( his attempt to preserve provenance)

Gallery 8 Gatineau

Untitled,Gatineau River, Wakefield

In this scene at Wakefield we can see in the far left background the Manse that her  sister Adelaide lived in with her husband Rev. Gamble. A watercolour ,signed, C - 1925, from a private collection

"Maclarens Cemetery"

At the end of the Mill Road in Wakefield is the Maclaren Cemetery, originally for family it now has other locals interred there including former Prime Minister Lester Pearson who summered in the Gatineau region,This oil on canvas, signed, C - 1920's

"Kirks Ferry Falls", Gatineau

One of two versions of these falls where the ferry ran before the hydro dam was built there.this signed, watercolour was done in 1928, and is in a private collection

Untitled, Cottage by the Hill

This pretty fall scene is in the Gatineau region. A pastel that is signed, C - 1925, and from a private collection.

"Gatineau Covered Bridge"

This is a later painting, one of her largest  oils of the wooden bridge at Ferrelton on the Gatineau river, it has been replaced by a steel version, A magnificent oil, signed and believed to be C -1930, in a private collection

"On the Way to Buckingham"

Florence paints this Gatineau scene while on her way to visit the Maclaren's  her Brother in laws family who owned the lumber mill there. This signed, watercolour is C - 1920 private collection

Gallery 9 From Abroad

Untitled, Moret Canal, France

A very early painting, possibly from an undocumented trip mid 1890 or from when she journeys to France 1912. This oil on board, is signed in graphite (perhaps later ) from the area that gave us the Barbizon movement in France. private collection

Untitled, Jersey, channel islands

From a trip that took her to Cornwall and the Channel Islands in the summer. this watercolour on paper is signed from 1910, private collection

" St. Malo"

This unique harbour near Brittany on the south coast of France. An  oil on board, is signed and dated 1910, private collection


The raging shores of the Cornwall coast were a fascination for Florence that summer. A water-colour on paper, signed, 1910, private collection

Untitled ,Italian Harbour

This unknown Italian harbour is suspected to be in Italy because of the red canvas sails on the boats. This watercolour and gouache on paper, is signed and dated 1914. private collection

"A Street in Killarney"

On her way home from her European tour she paints this street scene in Ireland. This thickly painted, oil on canvas, is signed, and dated, 1914. private collection

Gallery 9 From Abroad Cnt.

"in Harvet Time"

This painting could be from an earlier undocumented trip to England 1890's, a signed oil C - 1895 from a private collection

"Hign Noon, St. Ives"

In the summer of 1910 she spends the summer exploring Cornwall and the Channel Islands. This scene from St. Ives is a signed watercolour from 1910 from a private collection

"Mentone, Italy"

On her way from France to Italy she stops in Mentone and creates a number of coastal scenes like this one. This signed watercolour is from 1914 and is from an unknown private collection

"Italian Kitchen, High Alps"

On her way north at the end of her European tour she creates this poignant Post impressionist scene in italy. This  Pastel is signed and dated 1914 from a private collection

"Canal Venice"

When she returns to her Frank Street Carriage House Studio she works up many of her European sketches, This wonderful venice scene is the smaller of two similar paintings. A signed oil on canvas dated 1917 from a private collection

"Venetian Shipping"

Again from her Ottawa studio, this colourful harbour scene captures the vibrant scene. This oil on canvas is signed and dated1917. It was donated to the Whitby Libraries permanent collection by her sister in law Helen, Theodore's wife

Gallery 10 Canada

"Windermere Muskoka"

After the turn of the century Florence began to explore the wilderness of Ontario and Quebec. This  watercolour, signed, C - early 1900's, is from the Station Gallery collection

"An Evening, Georgian Bay"

While visiting Dr. Firths cottage in Go Home Bay, the president of Pickering Cottage, she likely visited members of the Group of Seven who visited Dr. McCallum's cottage, just around the corner in the same era. Florence shows us the evening light in this watercolour, signed, C- 1920's, private collection

"St. Anthony's Fishing Stage"

A typical scene of the life in Labrador during this era. This accomplished oil is signed with no date, private collection


An east coast scene of a solitary cabin on a lonely shore. This watercolour, signed,1918, private collection

"Tide Poles, Prince Ruperts Waters"

As she traveled up the west coast she painted in many locations here is the harbour in Prince Rupert, BC. This handsome oil, signed, 1921, private collection

"Icebergs Off Labrador Coast"

This stunning arctic scene reminds us of the work of Harris and Jackson when they explore the arctic in later years. A watercolour, signed, 1919, private collection

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"Schooner At Wharf"

This is an image of an unknown east coast location, a watercolour, signed, 1906, PC

"Waiting For Mail, Newfoundland"

A scene she came across of locals waiting for the mail, watercolour with monogram, 1910, PC

"Rouge River"

This is the mouth of the Rouge River beside what was called Rosebank Park in Florence's era, she visited this location often, this charming oil, signed but not dated, PC

"Iceberg Labrador"

One of the many Labrador ice berg scene's she painted on her numerous visits to this part of Canada, watercolour signed, 1919, PC


An unknown location near Edmonton Alberta while on her way to the west coast, watercolour, signed & dated 1920 verso, PC

"Lake Louise"

This magnificent depiction of lake Louise is likely from the same trip as the previous painting, watercolour, signed, no date, PC

Gallery 11 United States

"An Area Of The Sea, Maine"

From a trip to the east coast she paints in Canada and the United States. An oil on canvas, signed, 1922, In the Ontario Ladies College collection

"Sand Cliffs, California"

Invited to California by friends she visits, Santa Barbara, La Jolla, Catalina Island, Sonoma and San Fransisco. This oil from 1921 is unsigned, private collection

"Lighthouse, Stonington Conn."

The historic lighthouse in the harbour at Stonington Connecticut. This watercolour, signed, 1918, private collection

"Sand Dunes, La Jolla"

This location must have impressed Florence as she completed a number of variations of these dunes. This pastel, signed, 1921, private collection

Untitled, Adobe House

She found this interesting adobe house somewhere in California. This oil on canvas, signed,not dated, private collection

Untitled, Alaskan Kayak

Somewhere near Skagway Alaska she found this scene, reminiscent of her friends in the Algonquin schools work. oil on board, signed, 1923, private collection

Gallery 12 Caribbean

"Wharf Scene,Montego Bay"

In the early twenties Florence explores first Trinidad then Jamaica in her discoveries in the Caribbean, A watercolour, signed, C -1922, private collection

Untitled, Jamaican Roadway

One really gets the sense of the place and the light in this created street scene. A watercolour, signed, C - 1923, private collection

"Old Houses, Port of Spain"

We get a view of history, in this village scene from Trinidad, over the next few years she visits the Caribbean many times. watercolour, signed, C -1921, private collection

"Old Spanish Bridge"

A later work, likely created from one of her sketches, back in the Ottawa studio. oil on canvas, signed, 1928, private collection

"Evening Twilight"

As with many of her oils this may have been a studio work, the light is exquisite, unknown if its Trinidad or Jamaica. An oil on canvas, signed, C -1922, private collection

"Busy people"

Another likely studio work we think Jamaica really captures the life locals. An oil on canvas, unsigned, 1929, Donated to the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery at Queens Universities, in their permanent collection, by her family.