Gallery 1 From Sketch to Canvas

Cheville #1


 This tired watercolour sketch was found in a folio of sketches left by the artist in her Whitby home Inverlynn, discovered in more recent years. No date unsigned. Private Collection

Cheville #2


In this second rendition she spreads the trees and defines them and the surroundings more clearly helping us to focus in the centre of the work, a mid size watercolour she treats as a completed  work. C - 1916 signed. Private Collection

" Tree Trunks, Cheville near Paris"


In this final watercolour version she clumps the trees to create a vision of the building through the trees in this  beautiful somewhat Fauvist rendition of the work, this painting is in the permanent collection of the Greater Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria BC. C - 1917 signed

"Wreck at NFLD"


This small sketch, coloured pencil on paper is typical of her plain air sketches she creates while traveling, some are even sold at her tea art shows and some are worked up in the studio in to larger works. C - 1910 Monogram, Private Collection

Untitled Wreck


This moody shoreline watercolour gives us a sense of the old wreck she saw on an unknown beach on her first trip to NFLD, no date signed, This finished painting likely from her Whitby studio after her summer trip to Cornwall 1910, when she returned home. Private Collection

Gallery 1 From Sketch to Canvas Cont.

"The Grove, Inverlynn"


When Florence returns from her European tour in Aug. of 1914 this watercolour wash is the first of a sequence of four paintings she creates that impact Canadian art. C- 1914 unsigned, Private Collection

Untitled, Grove


The second  watercolour in this series of the grove brings elements of colour and style influences of Fauvism from her experiences in Paris, signed and dated 1914, Private Collection

Untitled, Pine Grove


The third painting this larger oil is again part of the newer thickly painted style she experiments with, which she shows to her Toronto friends from the Algonquin school, C -1914 signed, Private Collection



This final rendition of her Pine Grove beside her Whitby home in oil, signed and dated 1914, It is purchased by the National Gallery of Canada at its first showing and remains in the permanent collection. This spectacular painting is pivitol to the Canadian Modernists movement it affects Tom Thomson and others who later form the Group of Seven

Caribbean Element Sketch


We see her experimenting with elements of composition  for her Caribbean paintings in this pencil sketch, that she works into larger pieces when she returns to her Ottawa Carriage House studio in the twenties. C 1920's unsigned from the permanent collection of the Agnes Etherington Gallery, Queens University

" Jamaican Path"


One wonders if this place really exists, or is it a group  of elements she brings together to create this lovely warm watercolour scene of life in Jamaica women carrying laundry on their heads, signed  C 1925, Private Collection

Gallery 1 From Sketch to Canvas Cont.

Self Portrait Sketch


An interesting pencil sketch found in one of Florence's small 3" X 6 " sketch books  that she used at the beginning of her European tour, reveals an image of the artist standing before a dressing table, perhaps in a hotel? C - 1913 unsigned, Private Collection

"The Dressing Table"


This marvellously coloured scene once owned by the artists niece has been restored to its original glory. It is believed to be a studio scene in which Florence painted herself into, the only nude figure painting known  oil undated unsigned, Private Collection

Watercolour Sketch


Again from the early sketch book, colourful ships in a Venice harbour captured the interest of the traveling artist. C - 1914 unsigned, Private Collection

" Sails Drying"


This spectacular oil, in a post impressionist style, with the balance of the harbour filled in ( unlike the sketch) was created in the Ottawa Studio C -1917 signed,  Private Collection

Stonington Element Sketch


This pencil sketch from Stonington Connecticut shows elements that interested her from the harbour there, C - 1918 unsigned, Private Collection

Untitled Sailboat


In this more freely executed oil from the Ottawa studio she interprets the sailboat in a fashion not seen before, C - 1919 unsigned, Private Collection

Gallery 1 From Sketch to Canvas Cont.

Pastel Sketch


 This watercolour sketch was created in Labrador likely on her second trip  there C -1918 unsigned, Florence was fascinated  like so many others by the multifaceted icebergs  that flowed past the coast. Private Collection



The final version of this detailed oil was likely created back in her Ottawa Studio C -1919 signed, before she headed out again on another trip. The execution of this painting is sublime. Private Collection

Watercolour Sketch


The first version of this painting is a watercolour from  one of the earliest of her trips to the Caribbean, perhaps Trinidad C -1920 signed. Private Collection

"Evening Twilight"


Later when back in Ottawa 1922  watercolour signed, she completes this  adding more detail and refinement to the canvas. Aspects of this work are similar to the works of J.W. Mortice when he was in Trinidad. Private Collection

"Iceberg Chair, St. Anthony"


This watercolour was created back at the Studio in 1918 unsigned and is part of Museum London's Permanent Collection donated by Kathleen Hillary

"Iceberg Chair"


When Florence creates the oil, she changes the aspect ratio and pays move attention to the clouds. 1919 signed, Private Collection

Gallery 1 From Sketch to Canvas Cont.

"Murphy'e Boats, Ottawa"


This pastel  of the harbour arena in Ottawa of log barges is undated, signed and the first of a series, from a Private Collection

"Murphy's Blue fleet, Ottawa"


This larger second version is a watercolour dated 1925 signed, the detail is more striking, and crisp, from a Private Collection

"Murphy's Blue Fleet"


In this final version of the scene, an oil, the colours are more vivid and the details are more precise. Painted in 1925 signed from a Private Collection

Well and Trees Sketch


This pencil sketch from one of her small sketch books is undated unsigned, but is from a trip to the east coast in the spring of 1917

Untitled Well


This watercolour was created in her Ottawa studio in 1918 signed when she returned from her east coast trip. It represents the well in the backyard of her niece's home in New Jersey. Private Collection

Gallery 1 From Sketch to Canvas Cont.

"Prince Ruperts Waters"


When she traveled up Canada's west coast in the summer of 1921 she created this coloured pencil sketch signed 1921, Private Collection

"Tide Poles, Prince Rupert"


After her summer trip when she returned to Ottawa and her carriage house studio she created this classic painting oil signed 1921, Private Collection

Sketch Grand Canal, Venice


While in Italy on her European tour she spent a good deal of time in Venice exploring landscapes to paint watercolour and pencil signed 1914, Private Collection

"Grand Canal, Venice"


In this photo taken by the artist from one of her photo albums we see the place she sketched some of the elements are subtly changed but this is the place Black and White photo of her painting titled no date or details, Private Collection

"St. Anthony Harbour"


This is the beginnings of a spectacular painting watercolour signed 1923 housed in the permanent collection of the Canadian National Archives in Gatineau

"St. Anthony Harbour, Newfoundland"


A place that fascinated her and that she traveled to several times as she was involved with the Grenfell Mission Hospital there, oil, signed, 1925 purchased by the National Gallery of Canada for their permanent collection shortly after it was painted

Gallery 1 From Sketh to Canvas Cont.

Elderly Nun Study


A nun sitting on a bench, in France, likely  Paris, an oil, unsigned, C - 1913 ( blistered badly) Private Collection



This is one of her most acclaimed paintings from Paris, Shown at the salon  when she was there.  One of the thickly painted works exhibiting broad strokes of paint with a palette knife, A nun holding her rosary beads. An oil, signed, 1913, permanent collection Art Gallery of Ontario, Gift by the Artist

Sand Dune Study


This is one of a series of warm sand dunes she captured in La Jolla California, a pastel, signed ,1921, permanent collection,  Tom Thomson Art Gallery ,Owen Sound

"Sand Dunes, La Jolla, California"


This charmingly realistic depiction of the dunes has been expanded from the study in width, likely completed back in the studio, oil ,Signed, 1924, Private Collection

"Gatineau , Logs"


In this study she tries to give us a sense of the motion on the Gatineau River, A coloured pencil sketch, signed, 1925, Private Collection

"Logs Going Over, Gatineau"


After the short trip back to her Ottawa studio, she pays more attention to the finished detail in this work and ads trees to the foreground. A water-colour, signed, 1925, Private Collection

Gallery 1 From Sketch to Canvas Cont.

" On the Savana, Trinidad, Port of Spain"


Figures appear as ghostly apparitions in this cloudy scene from Trinidad. watercolour, signed, 1925, Private Collection

"On the Savana, Trinidad, Port of Spain" 2


In the second image Florence adds more colour, both these paintings were likely created at her Ottawa studio from sketches she brought back from the Caribbean. This oil,, signed 1925, Private Collection

"Figure on Path, Trinidad"


A women working (basket on her head) in this local village scene often Mcgillivray depicts women at work in her Caribbean paintings, watercolour and pencil, unsigned, 1925, Private Collection

"Figure on Path, Trinidad" 2


The second of two paintings which may have been leading to an oil that has yet to be found. This watercolour and gouache, signed, 1925, Private Collection

" Fishing Ships in Harbour, St. Anthony, NFLD"


From her second trip to Newfoundland this drawing would have been created in St. Anthony. Ink drawing, signed, 1914, Private Collection

"Fishing Ships in Harbour, St.Anthony"


In this wash she tries adding some colour en route to creating a finished canvas, not yet found, watercolour, signed, no date, Private Collection