Gallery 6 Canada

"Windermere Muskoka"

After the turn of the century Florence began to explore the wilderness of Ontario and Quebec. This  watercolour, signed, C - early 1900's, is from the Station Gallery collection

"An Evening, Georgian Bay"

While visiting Dr. Firths cottage in Go Home Bay, the president of Pickering Cottage, she likely visited members of the Group of Seven who visited Dr. McCallum's cottage, just around the corner in the same era. Florence shows us the evening light in this watercolour, signed, C- 1920's, Private Collection

"Fish Stack, Bonaventure Island"

A typical scene of the life in Newfoundland during this era. This accomplished oil is signed ,1926, Private Collection


An east coast scene of a solitary cabin on a lonely shore. This watercolour, signed,1918, Private Collection

"Tide Poles, Prince Ruperts Waters"

As she traveled up the west coast she painted in many locations here is the harbour in Prince Rupert, BC. This handsome oil, signed, 1921, Private Collection

"Icebergs Off Labrador Coast"

This stunning arctic scene reminds us of the work of Harris and Jackson when they explore the arctic in later years. A watercolour, signed, 1919, Private Collection

Gallery 6 Canada Cont

"Schooner At Wharf"

This is an image of an unknown east coast location, a watercolour, signed, 1906, Private Collection

"Waiting For Mail, Newfoundland"

A scene she came across of locals waiting for the mail, watercolour with monogram, 1910, Private Collection

"Rouge River"

This is the mouth of the Rouge River beside what was called Rosebank Park in Florence's era, she visited this location often, this charming oil, signed but not dated, Private Collection

"Iceberg Labrador"

One of the many Labrador ice berg scene's she painted on her numerous visits to this part of Canada, watercolour signed, 1919, Private Collection


An unknown location near Edmonton Alberta while on her way to the west coast, watercolour, signed & dated 1920 verso, PC

"Lake Louise"

This magnificent depiction of lake Louise is likely from the same trip as the previous painting, watercolour, signed, no date, Private Collection

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

"Cloverdale Barns, Whitby

The barns behind the house Florence was born in. A watercolour, 1900s signed, Private Collection

"Fishermans Hut, Labrador"

The home of a fisherman on Labradors rugged coast. An oil, 1916 signed, Private Collection

"Skyline, Perce"

A magnificent rendering of Perce, Gaspe and Perce were Florence's Algonquin Park. An oil, 1919 signed Private Collection

Untitled, Cliff and Shore, Perce

This tranquil scene of the east coast shoreline is a watercolour 1919, signed Private Collection

"Labrador, Fishing Stage"

This impressive painting selected by Eric Brown ( former National Gallery curator) to go to the 1924 Wembley exhibition in England is an accomplished work an oil C - 1923, signed Private Collection

"Broome Blooms"

This colourful mountain scene with spring flowers from her west coast trip is a watercolour 1920, signed. Part of Trinity College, University of Toronto's permanent collection

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

"Winter at Cornerbrooke"

An extraordinary canvas of a picturesque east coast scene likely created back in the carriage house studio after one of her earlier trips. oil signed 1923, Private Collection

"Dawn at Perce"

One of her more traditional style paintings from Perce most from that area are in the more modernist style, oil signed 1927, Private Collection

Untitled, Shore Perce

This smaller painting is in that style of thickly applied paint by palette knife in the more modernists approach she began to use in some of her works after the European tour oil signed 1919, Private Collection

"Lake Louise"

Another view of the great vista at Lake Louise, Alberta painted by a number of great Canadian artists, oil signed 1923, Private Collection

"Along the Ottawa River"

This pretty panorama was probably not a long distance from her Ottawa studio, it was a grift by Joan and Ross Murray to the Tom Thomson Gallery in Owen Sound, watercolour signed 1915

"Fishing Head St. Anthony"

This is likely an earlier version of the great work that the National gallery purchased in later years, it has a house that this one doesn't, oil signed 1918, A grift by the artist to Ontario Ladies College

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

Untitled, Perce

This luscious painting is another one of her thickly painted pieces done with a palette knife in the style she picked up in France, oil, signed, C - 1918, Private Collection

Untitled, Iceberg Close

Somewhere off the Newfoundland coast these icebergs drifted close to the shore, watercolour, signed, 1918, Private Collection

"Mrs Blechers Mayflowers, Surrey"

A pretty garden scene, from a visit in BC with one of her OLC associates, on her west coast trip, pastel, monogram, undated, Private Collection

"Moraine Lake"

Another stop on the way in her last British Columbia trip a lovely mountain scene, pastel, unsigned, 1935, Private Collection

Untitled BC Mountains

A view of the mountains and a river, an unknown location, a watercolour signed, with no date, Private Collection

Untitled Pines and Orchard

We suspect BC as the location for this forrest and blossoming fruit tree painting, pastel, monogram, no date, Private Collection

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

Untitled, Fishing Nets at Perce

Fishermans nets drying on a shore near Perce, pastel, signed, C - 1917, Private Collection

"Perce Village"

Perhaps at twilight, this dark view in sombre colours is another palette knife work like previously mentioned, oil, signed, C - 1918, Private Collection

Untitled, Perce Shore

Fishermen on shore working with Perce Rock as a backdrop, watercolour, signed, C - 1918, Private Collection

Untitled, Cliff

A feature of a Cape Breton shoreline is what we suspect in this painting, watercolour, signed, 1918, Private Collection


This stunning painting captures the tumultuous seas and high cliffs of the Gaspe coastline, oil, signed, 1919, Private Collection

"Evening light, Victoria"

On the south shore of Vancouver Island at Victoria, perhaps near Cattle Point, Florence created this moody twilight view, watercolour, signed, no date, Private Collection

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

"A Georgian Bay View"

You would have found Florence near the mouth of Go Home Bay, on Georgian Bay, facing south west when she painted this painting, watercolour, signed, 1924, Private Collection

Untitled River and Mountain

Speculated to be Alberta's Bow Valley this tranquil painting is a watercolour, signed, C - 1921, part of Toronto Museum Services permanent collection

Untitled Dam

Somewhere near Whitby Ontario or in the Gatineau valley there existed a dam like this? We haven't found it. An early painting signed in pencil, oil, undated, Private Collection

Untitled ,Bridge

Unknown location, we think this could be a bridge over the Gatineau River or possible in Buckingham Quebec? A pastel, unsigned with no date, Private Collection

Untitled ,Shoreline 1

Another unknown location, suspected east coast, the following painting reveals more, watercolour , signed, C - 1918, Private Collection

Untitled Shoreline 2

Same location as last painting, but on the sea in the background, could it be a naval convoy leaving Halifax at the time of WWI, Watercolour, signed with OSA ( She was accepted into OSA 1917), Private Collection

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

"Perce Rock"

Another image of the rock at Perce this place seems to have captured Florence's imagination, it was her Algonquin Park, pastel, signed, 1924, Private Collection

Untitled, Coastal Village

A rugged coastline and an unnamed village in Newfoundland a colourful depiction, oil, signed, C - 1918, Private Collection

"Dr. Grenfell's Captains House"

The home of the Captain who ferried Dr. Grenfell up and down the coast to provide health care to the locals, St. Anthony, Newfoundland, watercolour, signed, 1925, Grenfell House Museum Collection, St Anthony

Untitled, Cliff and Shore, Perce

A marvellous view of the rock with ships on the water, she explored every angle, watercolour, signed, 1919, Private Collection

Untitled St. Anthony's

A different part of the shoreline, showing how the fishermen lived in St. Anthony's, watercolour, signed. C - 1923, Grenfell House Museum, St. Anthony, N.F.L.D.

Untitled, Cliff and Inlet

Unknown coastal view, perhaps Cape Breton Island, oil, signed, C - 1919, Private Collection

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

Untitled, Clouds and Mountains

The clouds push against the mountains, in this dreamy depiction of lower mainland British Columbia, watercolour, signed, C - 1920, Private Collection

Untitled, Mountains and Flowers

Some where in the rockies Florence walks a path and finds this colourful scene of mountains and flowers, pastel, signed, 1923, Private Collection

"Western Pines"

Likely Lake Louise, Alberta is the backdrop for this strong pine tree rendition from her first west coast trip, watercolour, signed, C - 1920, permanent  collection, Museum London, London , Ontario

Untitled, Tree on Grassy Shore

Believed to be a shoreline near Victoria British Columbia sometime close to dusk, oil, signed, C -1921, Private Collection

Untitled, Moonlight on Water

An unknown location, river or lake? could be Georgian Bay, Gatineau, or even BC wilds, we'll probably never know, watercolour, signed, no date, Private Collection

Untitled, Boat Off Shore

Very similar to other Victoria BC paintings, perhaps an indigenous fisherman near the mouth of the Golden River, fishing for salmon, watercolour, signed, no date, Private Collection

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

Untitled, River Delta

Believed to be the mouth of the Rouge River at Lake Ontario in Pickering close to the beach that used to called  Rosebank Station, oil, signed verso, C - 1915, Private Collection

"Clover Lane Shanty"

A home on Cape Breton shores in lovely green tones, watercolour, signed, C -1919, Private Collection

"Perce Quebec"

A winter scene of homes on a street near Perce, oil, signed, C -1919, Private Collection

Untitled, Coastal Scene

Hard to tell where, the date is right for both east coast Canada or Cornwall, with a lone fisherman watching the seas, watercolour, signed,, C - 1910, Private Collection

Untitled, Mountain Landscape

A snow covered mountain scene in Newfoundland near St. Anthony, watercolour, signed, 1919, Grenfell House Museum Collection, St. Anthony

"Moon Magic"

A magical rendition of a moonlit lake, we suspect Lake Ontario, oil, signed, 1932, permanent collection Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario

Gallery 6 Canada Cont.

"Nets and Boats, Perce Quay"

A picturesque scene of the fishermens life in the Quay at Perce, An oil, signed, 1928,  a studio work, Private Collection

" A Snow Locked Door"

Florence painted her Carriage House Studio  in Ottawa sitting on the piano bench in the drawing room of her sisters 292 Frank St. home, oil, signed, 1930. Private Collection

"Tuna Fishing Boat, Nova Scotia

A village scene on Nova Scotia's coast as fishermen head out to sea, watercolour and gouache, signed and dated 1920 verso, Private Collection

"Fish Stack Factory for Packing Cod at Perce, Quebec"

Nestled on a sheltered shore at Perce, Florence captures one of the major employers of the time, watercolour, signed, 1919, Private Collection

"Wild Surf at Perce One Day"

She loves to depict the surging seas wherever she travels, this time at Perce, watercolour, signed, 1919, Private Collection

Untitled, Cliffs and Shore

This time the seas gently roll in on this unknown part of Cornwall's shore, watercolour, signed, 1910, part of Toronto Museum Services permanent collection