Gallery 4 From Around Inverlynn

" Inverlynn Gate"


This view is similar to what you might see today when you approach the McGillivray ancestral home . This unsigned,  watercolour C -1890 is in a private collection

"Wheat Sheaves of Inverlynn"


This view of the flats beside Inverlynn no longer exists. The unsigned, oil on canvas is C - 1890's from a private collection

Untitled, Wooded Hedgerow


This represents a field divider somewhere on the Inverlynn property. This signed, oil on board, is C -!890's from a private collection

Untitled, Path by Stream


The painting depicts a path beside Lynde Creek to the north of Inverlynn. This signed, oil on board is C - 1890's from a private collection.

"In Harvest Time"


The hay wagon and the pine grove hide Inverlynn in the fall harvest scene.. The unsigned, oil on canvas is C - 1890's from a private collection.



 A view often seen looking to the west of Inverlynn on many an evening. This delicate watercolour in the classic European style, is signed posthumously by ACR M'Gonicle dated 1898 ( his attempt to preserve provenance)

Gallery 4 From Around Inverlynn Cont

Untitled,Grove and Creek


A subject (Grove and Creek) that florence explored her whole life, this early rendition, watercolour, signed, 1889, Private Collection

Untitled, Looking back Through Grove


Inverlynn can be seen through the pine trees in this painting looking south, watercolour, signed, 1901, Private Collection

"Through Pines in Winter"


Looking in the opposite direction of the last painting we can see Inerlynn's snow covered pastures, an oil, signed, 1917, Private Collection

"Pine Grove"


This time we look west through the pine grove at twilight, in that thickly painted style she brought back from Europe, oil, signed C -1915

"Pine Trees Sunset"


Again to the west as the sun sets, through a thicker part of the grove, watercolour, signed, C - 1915, Private Collection

Untitled, Grove Edge


Looking south west at the very edge of the northern most point of the grove, the Lynde creek flows to Lake Ontario, watercolour, signed, no date, Private Collection

Gallery 4 From Around Inverlynn Cont.

Untitled Lynde Creek


This watercolour of Lynde creek has no date and is unsigned believed to be C 1898 verso is written copy of O'Brien referring to her mentor Lucius O'Brien, Private Collection

Untitled River Scene


An early painting this river scene with bridge and fisherman is further up the Lynde creek a watercolour, unsigned 1890s from the Station Gallery Collection donated by Bill and Marion Irwin

"Inverlynn Fence"


Another watercolour looking in over the broken fece of Inverlynn. Signed 1890s, Private Collection



A scene in the field to the west of Inverlynn painted at the time when O'Brien visited and painted his "Inverlynn Harvest", watercolour fall 1898 Signed, Private Collection

"Wintery River, Sunset"


An unknown creek to the west of the farm, a watercolour 1895 Monogram, Private Collection

Untitled Inverlynn Stream


Actually Lynde Creek a more refined view of the creek, watercolour 1890s unsigned, Private Collection

Gallery 4 From Around Inverlynn Cont

Untitled Grove and Flats


This painting is s very similar view of the north end of the grove to the flats, but this one is darker and more sombre, oil Unsigned, no date, Private Collection

Another Grove and Flats


Another view of the scene similar to the last painting, this time painted more loosely with richer colours,oil, unsigned, no date, estimated 1920s, Private Collection

"Fir Trees"


Looking through the grove to the west, an earlier painting, watercolour, signed, C - 1900, permanent collection Art Gallery of Alberta, Gift by Joan Hunt, 1985

Untitled Inverlynn Grove


A study of the grove, also looking west different perspective as last, pastel, unsigned, C - 1934, Private Collection

Untitled, Inverlynn Stream


Again a view of the grove and creek, but this time in the arts and crafts style popular prior to the first world war, watercolour, signed, C - early 1900s, Private Collection

"A Corner of the Grove"


Looking back at Inverlynn through the grove, In the traditional style that Florence learned from her classes, watercolour, signed, C - 1900, Private Collection

Gallery 4 From Around Inverlynn Cont

Untitled, Edge of Grove looking at Lynde Farm


Looking west from Inverlynn, bridge over Lynde creek and flats and Lynde farm, watercolour and coloured pencil, signed, C - 1900s, Private Collection

"Summer Meadow and Stream"


A pastoral scene of the flats beside Inverlynn, much in the style of her mentor Lucius O'Brien, watercolour, signed, C - 1890s, Private Collection

"Pines of Inverlynn"


A closeup of the grove, creek behind on a grey day, watercolour, signed, 1905. Private Collection

"Inverlynn Creek"


A sunset through the grove, one of many renditions of her beloved  stand of trees, watercolour, signed,  C - 1905, Private Collection

"The Pines of Inverlynn"


A chunky view of the grove, more compressed, in this watercolour wash, Signed, 1903, Private Collection

Study of Grove


An old school more traditional approach to the grove, A hint of blue- green in this watercolour wash, signed, 1902, Private Collection

Gallery 4 Gatineau

Untitled,Gatineau River, Wakefield


In this scene at Wakefield we can see in the far left background the Manse that her  sister Adelaide lived in with her husband Rev. Gamble. A watercolour ,signed, C - 1925, from a private collection

"Maclarens Cemetery"


At the end of the Mill Road in Wakefield is the Maclaren Cemetery, originally for family it now has other locals interred there including former Prime Minister Lester Pearson who summered in the Gatineau region,This oil on canvas, signed, C - 1920's

"Kirks Ferry Falls", Gatineau


One of two versions of these falls where the ferry ran before the hydro dam was built there.this signed, watercolour was done in 1928, and is in a private collection

Untitled, Cottage by the Hill


This pretty fall scene is in the Gatineau region. A pastel that is signed, C - 1925, and from a private collection.

"Gatineau Covered Bridge"


This is a later painting, one of her largest  oils of the wooden bridge at Ferrelton on the Gatineau river, it has been replaced by a steel version, A magnificent oil, signed and believed to be C -1930, in a private collection

"On the Way to Buckingham"


Florence paints this Gatineau scene while on her way to visit the Maclaren's  her Brother in laws family who owned the lumber mill there. This signed, watercolour is C - 1920 private collection

Gallery 4 Gatineau Cont.

"Farmers Rapids"


A point near Chelsea on the Gatineau River that has been changed now because of a hydro station beside the rapids, watercolour signed 1925, Private Collection

Untitled, Winter Farm


Somewhat typical of the Gatineau houses  Florence liked to paint this watercolour 1928 signed, Private Collection

"A Mild Winters Day in Wakefield"


This view and home still exist on Wakefield's shore line road painted from the front porch of her friends the Geggies home that is now a B & B, watercolour and gouache signed 1930, Private Collection

"Paugan Falls, Gatineau"


This pastel depicts the raging falls upriver for Wakefield on the Gatineau River, 1928 unsigned, Private Collection

Untitled, Log Cabin


This charming scene of an unknown cabin in the Gatineau hills is compelling,  a watercolour signed 1931, Private Collection

"Paugan Falls"


This magnificent oil has truly captured the ragging falls, sadly the splendour  of this location no longer exists as a hydro dam sits now in this location, 1928 signed, Private Collection

Gallery 4 Gatineau Cont.

Untitled, Gatineau River


This painting of the Gatineau River near Chelsea Quebec can't be seen today due to changes in the river because of Hydru facilities, watercolour, signed, no date, Private Collection

Untitled, Winter Scene


This snowy hillside is somewhere in the Gatineau region of Quebec, oil Signed, no date, Private Collection

"Gatineau Homestead"


This picturesque painting is a stunning depiction of the typical farms in the Gatineau valley, watercolour and gouache, signed, C - 1928, permanent collection Royal Ontario Museum

Untitled, Gatineau Scene


This home on the bank of an unknown river,  like the many sites she painted scattered though the region. A watercolour, signed with no date, Private Collection

Untitled, Cabin


A small drawing of a cabin in the fall, likely near Wakefield Quebec, this pretty work a pastel, signed, with no date, Private Collection

Untitled, Houses on the Hills


A richly coloured and thickly painted work on canvas looking of the hillside in Gatineau, oil signed, no date, Private Collection

Gallery 4 Gatineau Cont.

Untitled, Gatineau Hills


An unknown location in the picturesque hills of the Gatineau valley, coloured pencil, signed, no date, Private Collection

Untitled, farm through Trees


Believed to be in the Gatineau region near Wakefield, watercolour, signed, C - 1928, Private Collection

" Le Chute, Gatineau'


A lovely scene of  quiet moment on the ever changing Gatineau River near Chelsea, watercolour, signed, C - 1928, Private Collection

Untitled, River and Hills


Where the Gatineau River bends at Wakefield, pastel and pencil, signed, C - 1926, Private Collection

Untitled, Houses along the Road


Perhaps near Buckingham where the Maclaren mill was located on the Livre River, watercolour, signed, C - 1930, Private Collection

Untitled, River Falls, Gatineau


One of the many minor tumultuous falls that appear of the Gatineau River, this mottled painting watercolour, signed, C - 1930, Private Collection

Gallery 4 Gatineau Cont.

Untitled, River in Winter


Ice almost covers the river in this unknown location, likely near Wakefield, Quebec, watercolour, unsigned, C - 1928, Private collection

"Gatineau River, Quebec"


The aggressive rapids at the top of the Pagain Falls north of Wakefield on the Gatineau River, oil, signed, 1930, Private Collection

"The Old White Barn"


Typical of the log barns and cabins that are scattered among the hills of the Gatineau Valley, watercolour and gouache, signed verso, 1930, Private Collection

"A Ribbon of Blue, Fort Cologne"


A river peeks out from behind a stand of birch trees, watercolour, signed, 1926, Private Collection

Untitled, farm on Hill


Her favourite greens and blues capture the beauty of this painting in the hills of Gatineau, oil, signed, Private Collection

"Farmers Barns, near Buckingham, Quebec"


A drawing that we have not found as a finished painting, somewhere near the Maclaren's home, coloured pencil, signed, C - 1926, Private Collection