Gallery 7 United States

"An Area Of The Sea, Maine"

From a trip to the east coast she paints in Canada and the United States. An oil on canvas, signed, 1922, In the Ontario Ladies College collection

"Sand Cliffs, California"

Invited to California by friends she visits, Santa Barbara, La Jolla, Catalina Island, Sonoma and San Fransisco. This oil from 1921 is unsigned, private collection

"Lighthouse, Stonington Conn."

The historic lighthouse in the harbour at Stonington Connecticut. This watercolour, signed, 1918, private collection

"Sand Dunes, La Jolla"

This location must have impressed Florence as she completed a number of variations of these dunes. This pastel, signed, 1921, private collection

Untitled, Adobe House

She found this interesting adobe house somewhere in California. This oil on canvas, signed,not dated, private collection

Untitled, Alaskan Kayak

Somewhere near Skagway Alaska she found this scene, reminiscent of her friends in the Algonquin schools work. oil on board, signed, 1923, private collection

Gallery 7 United States Cont.

Untitled, Birch Trees and Well

She painted this backyard scene on her nieces property in New Jersey while visiting, watercolour, 1918 signed Private Collection

"Tabaco Tree, La Jolla"

This view from across the bay in La Jolla, California is inviting, a pastel, 1919 signed Private Collection

"Shore at La Jolla, California"

This painting gives us another view of La Jolla's shoreline, watercolour 1919, signed Private Collection

"Heat and Snow, Tory Pines"

Florence presents the contrast of the cool snow covered mountains and the hot dry dessert she sees in this California scene, oil 1920, signed Private Collection

"Bluewater, Skagway"

After her boat trip up the west coast from Victoria she arrives in Skagway , Alaska. This stunning oil 1922, signed Private Collection

"Marketto Tower, Jersey Shore"

A tourist site while visiting her relatives in New Jersey becomes a painting, watercolour 1934, signed Private Collection

Gallery 7 United States Cont.

Untitled, La Jolla Dunes

Another from the series of images she created while visiting La Jolla California. A pastel, signed, 1919, Private Collection

Untitled, Dunes La Jolla

Again, one of the mystical scenes with mountains in the background where the land meets the ocean in California. pastel, signed, C - 1919, Private Collection

Untitled, Dunes and Skyline

Florence captures the floral dunes with a backdrop of a city skyline, likely her first of the sand dune series. Watercolour, signed, 1918, Private Collection

"California Shore"

Back at home in her studio she works up this oil of the modern looking beachside home. oil, signed, 1920, Private Collection

Untitled California Desert

Looking back inland at an unknown location we see desert with a mountain background, likely from the studio. This oil, signed, 1920, Private Collection

Untitled, Alaskan River Sunset

An image from the 1918/1919 winter trip that started in California and ended in Alaskan, likely created at home in the Ottawa studio, this spectacular oil , signed, C - 1920 reminds us of the Algonquin school style

Gallery 7 United States Cont.

Untitled Stonington Shoreline

This airy seascape was created when she visited her niece's summer home in Stonington Connecticut, watercolour signed 1918, Private Collection

Untitled, Two Houses on the Road, California

An unknown location near the California desert, watercolour monogram c - 1919, Private Collection

"Catalina Island, California"

A destination of the rich and famous off the coast of California, watercolour signed c - 1919, Private collection

Untitled, Tree at Woods Edge, California

A glimpse at the many powerful trees that cover California, no question Florence was impressed oil signed 1920, Private Collection

"One of the Monks,Torrey Pines, California"

A rock with an interesting name on the shoreline, perhaps named for the Franciscans who earlier inhabited the area, pastel signed 1920, Private Collection

"Sand Dunes, La Jolla, California"

A great perspective of a gorgeous scene where the land meets the ocean in California, oil signed 1920, Private collection

Gallery 7 United States Cont.

"Away in Skagway, Alaska"

The final destination of her west coast journey, the majestic mountains of Skagway Alaska, a watercolour, signed, C - 1920, Private Collection

Untitled, Beached Boat

Somewhere near Stonington Connecticut this beached boat captured her attention, coloured pencil, signed,  C - 1918, Private Collection

"Rocks at La Jolla"

From her last Californian trip, back to La Jolla she captured the sea lions basking in the sun on the rocks just off the shore, coloured pencil, signed, 1936, Private Collection

Untitled, Two Sailboats of Shore

This scene is of an unknown beach near Stonington , Connecticut, watercolour, signed, C - 1918, Private Collection

Untitled, Beach Umbrella and Figure

When near the beach in Ogunquit Maine, Florence spotted this solitary figure shaded from the sun, coloured pencil, monogram, c - 1918, permanent collection, Agnes Etherington Gallery, Queens University, Kingston

Untitled. Cross on Hill

Believed to be somewhere in Maine this may have caught her attention because of the war, oil, signed, no date, Private Collection

Gallery 7 United States Cont.

" Skagway, Alaska"

The chilly charms of the harbour at Skagway after this cool trip she heads to the Caribbean winter 20/21, watercolour and gouache, signed, Private Collection

Untitled. Rocky Shoreline

Unconfirmed location speculsted to be California or Maine, a watercolour, with a strong signature, undated, no ownership details

Untitled, Desert and Mountains

This desert scene with the mountains as a backdrop is of an unknown location in California, oil, signed, 1921, Private Collection

"Shore at La Jolla"

The seas roll in on this tranquil beach at La Jolla, California, oil, signed, 1921, Private Collection

"Heights in Skagway"

The great snow covered vistas of the Alaskan rockies are  what Florence recorded for us on her trip to Skagway, pastel, signed,1920, Private Collection


Another mountain view seen through a clump of birch trees in Alaska, watercolour, signed, 1920, Private Collection