Gallery 3, Early Paintings

Untitled Stilllife


One can marvel at the treatment of glass in this early  watercolour work, Pitcher,Glass and Lemon, 1893, with monogram, Private Collection

Untitled, Blue Vase


If we look closely at this likely student work, we might see a reflection of the artist in the stunning blue vase. watercolour C-1880 unsigned, Private Collection

Untitled, Green Vase & Flowers


Another student work this lovely floral still-life captures the subject well in this monogrammed watercolour C - 1880, Private Collection

Untitled, Hat & Eggs


A typical farm scene after collecting eggs. This watercolour is unsigned but is from the student period C - 1880, Private Collection

Untitled, Jug & Book


This oil on cardboard is  a students foray into a new medium, unsigned C-1880, Private Collection

Untitled, Pot & Apples


A scene familiar to a farm girl, picking apples from the orchard, this watercolour, unsigned, C - 1880, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Early Paintings Cont.

Untitled, Vase Jar Teapot


An early still-life  oil , unsigned, C 1890's, Private Collection

Untitled, Pottery Vases


Likely a student work, these glazed pots are in oil, unsigned, C 1880's, Private Collection

Untitled, Lemonade


Similar to a painting shown earlier in this gallery, the glass pitcher now is filled with lemonade, this watercolour has a monogram, and is dated 1893, Private Collection

Untitled, Oranges, Lemons


Another early student still-life in watercolour, unsigned, C 1880's Private Collection

Untitled, Pear Apple Grapes


Another sumptuously coloured still-life in watercolour, signed, C1880's Private Collection

Toronto Skyline Scene


Florence painted this view of Toronto's skyline looking back from Toronto Island When she first painted with Lucius R. O'Brien, watercolour, signed, 1890, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Early Paintings Cont.

"Bench on Forest Path"


This forest scene likely from the Whitby area where she explored landscape subjects in the woods,  a watercolour. C - 1885, signed, Private Collection

Untitled Lynde Creek


This subject not far from her home in Whitby is a picturesque painting. A watercolour C - 1900 with monogram. Part of the Station Gallery Whitby's permanent collection donated by Bill and Marion Irwin

Untitled Canal


An early work, speculated from an undocumented trip to England, perhaps her first. An oil, C - 1895, unsigned, Private Collection

Untitled Canal and Path


Believed to be a similar location as last painting, its suspected to be her first trip abroad after her fathers death in 1894. oil  C - 1895 unsigned,  Private Collection

Untitled Creek looking back at Inverlynn


This painting that partially hides the McGillivray ancestral home, remains in the hands of the descendants of her brothers that moved to Minnesota to practice medicine. watercolour, late 1890s, signed,  Private Collection

Untitled Lynde Creek with Tree


A section of Lynde Creek near Jeffreys Flats on the McGillivray lands in the green tones she loved to work in. Water-colour late 1890s, signed, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Sketches

"Fishing Schooner, Labrador"


This ink and coloured pencil sketch on paper laid on card likely made it to one of her tea art show sales, it is signed and dated 1918, Private Collection

Untitled, Bend in the Road


An unfinished oil on canvas was also found in the folio of sketches at Inverlynn, unsigned, C- 1900, Private Collection

"Ice Labrador"


This sketch from one of her several trips to the east coast of Canada is a watercolour and Ink on card, it is unsigned, C - 1918, Private Collection

Untitled, Women's Portrait


This unknown women's portrait, charcoal and graphite on paper is early, it is unsigned and we speculate C - 1890,

Private Collection

"At Jasper, BC"


This sketch is later, from her last trip to British Columbia,ink on paper it is signed C - 1934, Private Collection

Untitled, Bearded Black Man


We speculate that this gentleman could be European because of his costume and the paper has a French watermark,  a charcoal and graphite on paper sketch is unsigned , C - 1913, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Sketches Cont.

"Cave Dwellers, Luynes"


On her travels through France, she sketches in Luynes, Pencil Sketch, 1914, Private Collection.

"From the Bridge at Tours"


Continuing on her journey in France, she stops at Tours. Pencil  sketch, 1914, Private Collection.

"Yellow,Red and Green Roofs, Luynes France"


Also in Luynes another view, Pencil sketch, 1914, Private Collection.

"Linden Trees,France"


This unknown location in France bears a resemblance to a painting created by one of her mentors, F.M. Bell-Smith. Watercolour and Pencil, 1914, Private Collection.

Untitled Fountain and Pond


Another unknown location in France where she adds more colour to her sketch. Watercolour and pencil, 1914, Private Collection.

Untitled, Orchard and Town


No exact location but suspected to be Arno. Watercolour and pencil, 1914, Private Collection.

Gallery 3 Sketches Cont.

Blue Door Studio, St. Ives


A place where artists gathered in that era, from her trip to Cornwall 1910. this coloured pencil sketch unsigned is in the Agnes Etherington Gallery permanent collection at Queens University. It was donated by family.

Untitled Saguenay River


A trip up the Saguenay River in Quebec likely inspired by the great works of her Mentor Lucius O'Brien from earlier years. A coloured pencil sketch 1916 Unsigned, Private Collection

"River Bend Cottage"


A cottage on the Grand River in Kitchener owned by Rosa Briethaupt and her sisters, that they turned into a painting retreat. Rosa was a student and friend of Florence's,  Coloured pencil 1917 unsigned, Private Collection

Sailboat Study


In her typical frugal Scot style Florence turns this invitation into a canvas when she paints this scene in Perce. A watercolour 1918 unsigned, Private Collection

Jamaican Scene


Again making use of whatever paper she comes across she paints two Jamaican scenes on hotel stationary.  Watercolours, 1923 unsigned, Private Collection

Untitled Log Cabin & Dog


When visiting her brothers in Pipestone Minnesota she finds this old cabin. A coloured pencil sketch 1917 unsigned, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Sketches Cont.

Perce Rock Sketch


A quick sketch of the rock and surrounds that leads to a variety of paintings in many styles, watercolour, signed, C - 1918, Private Collection

Revised "Bend in the Road Study"


In a very early unfinished oil about 1900 ( we see in sketches, section onemabove) this is more complete study of Bend in the Road with fauvist influence, she probably found it after coming home from Europe, watercolour, signed, C - 1915, Private Collection

Lake Louise Study


We think this plein air study is from Alberta and becomes a larger lovely painting in the studio, coloured pencil, monogram, no date, Private Collection

Sketch, Mrs. McCrimmon in Doorway


Florence put her friend from Whitby in the doorway of this Jamaican hut, She travelled with her on numerous occasions sometimes bringing her daughters. this watercolour and pencil study is signed , no date, Private Collection

Night Study, Saguenay River


Probably after she reached her destention on the Saguenay River she created this sketch, it later becomes a number of finished works showing the grandure  of these mountains, pastel, signed, no date, Private Collection

"Lake Louise Road, Banff"


From Florence's last trip to the west, she captures the road to Banff with its snow covered mountain background, coloured pencil with date and title verso, signed, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Sketches Cont.

Grand Manan Wash


This  subtle wash of a ship off Grand Manan  in the Bay of Fundy is a watercolour, monogram, no date, Private Collection

"Icebergs" Ink Sketch


These icebergs caught her eye off the Newfoundland coast, ink drawing, signed, 1914, permanent collection Art Gallery of Hamilton

Nova Scotia Sketch


An unknown location in Nova Scotia sketch, that became a greeting card for her sister Catherine Maclaren, coloured pencil, signed, C - 1918, Private Collection

Schooners Anchored Ink Sketch


From St. Anthonys, NFLD ink sketch  the east coast of Canada, Ink drawing, signed, 1914, Private Collection

"Gothic, Nootka, BC," Sketch


A sketch from her second later trip to British Columbia, coloured pencil, signed, 1928, Private Collection

River Cabin Sketch


A home at the mouth of a river suspected to be BC with seagulls, last trip to the west coast, coloured  pencil, monogram, C - 1936, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Sketches Cont.

Tree Study


An early student work, likely from around Inverlynn somewhere, impressions of her mentor Lucius O'Brien can be seen in this watercolour, unsigned, no date, C 1880s, Private Collection

Branch Study


Still learning her craft, perhaps this is part of the same project, the tree study. this detailed watercolour is also unsigned with , no date, Private Collection

Untitled, Kitchen Sketch


A domestic scene in a large kitchen, an unknown location with a cook hard at work. the monogram on this

coloured pencil sketch likely makes it C 1890s, Private Collection

"At Green Lake, Val Des Bois"


At the lake in the Gatineau region, perhaps staying with friends, a coloured pencil sketch,  signed and dated, 1920 verso, Private Collection

"St. Anthony Harbour"


On the way to St. Ives in the summer of 1910 Florence stops in Newfoundland for the first time and creates this plein air sketch, coloured pencil and gouache, signed, Private Collection

"Activity St. Anthony's Harbour"


Same trip, similar location as last, Florence will stop here several times after the war, and bring several sketches like these back to the Ottawa studio that she turns into marvellous works, coloured pencil, unsigned, 1910, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Skeches Cont.

"Wakefield Quebec"


Looking to the east across the Gatineau River in the town of Wakefield this watercolour and coloured pencil sketch has a monogram, C 1926, Private Collection

"Trollingate, Newfoundland"


A schooner heading out to sea from the rugged shores of Newfoundland, coloured pencil, signed, 1918, Private Collection

"Looking back from shore, Grand Manan"


A somewhat unfinished look of the shores at Grand Manan island in the Bay of Fundy, A watercolour sketch, signed verso, C -1919, Private Collection

Horses, Carts, and Figure studies


The three pointed pioneer hats on some of these figures makes us feel these studies could be from the New England area, these pencil sketches are unsigned and have no date, part of the Agnes Etherington Galleries permanent collection at Queens University, Kingston

Arm Muscle Study


A student work, probably from her college days, charcoal and pencil with a lovely script monogram, 92, Private Collection

Arm Study


Similar to last image this time the skin is still on, no signature, or date on this charcoal and pencil work probably done at the same time as last sketch

Gallery 3 Portraits

Master Donald McGillivray


This could be one of her earliest portraits,

 it is her younger brother Donald who grew up to be an eminent Doctor in Toronto. This unsigned, oil on canvas portrait is from a Private Collection.

George McGillivray


A portrait of her father George McGillivray was painted after his death in 1894 from a photo from 1891. this unsigned , oil on canvas  C -1894, Private Collection

Caroline Amelia McGillivray nee Fothergill


Portrait of her mother, an unsigned ,oil on canvas likely the same vintage of her fathers C - 1894. in the i890's the family urged Florence to make portraits  of her parents and copies of exiting grandparents portraits, so all would have copies. Private Collection

Theodore Augustus McGillivray


A portrait of her brother, the lawyer and later judge from Whitby. This unsigned, oil on canvas is likely C - 1894 and is from a Private Collection.

Catherine Amelia Maclaren nee McGillivray


One of her elder sisters, who married the accomplished business man David Maclaren. this unsigned  oil on canvas is from 1902 and is also in a Private Collection.

Unknown Male Child


This stunning watercolour is signed, and dated 1912, it may be of a child who was a family friend of her sister Adelaide who lived in Wakefield, Quebec. Private Collection

Gallery 3 Portraits Cont.

George McGillivray


One of at least 6 smaller oil paintings created from an 1891 photograph of Florence's father. All paintings are in the extended families private collections this oil unsigned C - 1905

Elderly Gentleman


Believed to be a portrait of her early mentor, Lucius R. O'Brien, when he visited Inverlynn in 1898 and painted with Florence around the property. This oil is signed, 1898, Private Collection

James Holden


A commissioned portrait of James Holden founding President of Ontario Ladies College. this oil is unsigned C -1900, part of O.L.C. permanent collection

"Parlour Maid"


Likely a maid from Inverlynn, this oil is signed and dated 1901 from a Private Collection



This might be a portrait of Florences Niece  Laura Gamble, Florence's sister Adelaide's daughter, who was training as a nurse in that era, she later gained fame as a nurse in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces WWI, an oil, signed, 1901 from a Private Collection

J.J. Hare


Another commissioned portrait by Ontario Ladies College of Principal J.J. Hare, an oil that was signed then overpainted C - 1906, part of O.L.C. permanent collection

Gallery 3 Portraits Cont.

Portrait Joshua Richardson


This portrait of Florence's Great Grandfather is a copy by Florence of an earlier painting by an unknown itinerant artist so others in the family could have a copy, oil C 1890s unsigned, Private Collection

Portrait Mrs. J. Richardson


To complete the pair again Florence copies an existing portrait of her Great Grandmother as per family request, oil C 1890s unsigned, Private Collection

Portrait Unknown Woman


Perhaps a model, or a student for figure study at the college, this oil from 1901 signed is from a Private Collection

"Brittany Girl"


This outstanding painting in her Post-Impressionist style was a favourite of many of her followers from one of her Brittany trips on the European Tour, oil 1914 signed, Private Collection

Portrait Helen McCrimmon


Helen's mother was a friend of Florence's she traveled with her on a number of trips, even with her daughters when Florence was in Italy in 1914, this oil from 1920 unsigned was donated by Helen to the Art Gallery of Ontario's permanent collection

Granny Gamble


This loving painting is of Florence's sister Adelaide Gamble knitting in her Wakefield home likely for the benefit of some unknowing grandchild, this undated pastel signed is from a Private Collection

Gallery 3 Portraits Cont.



One of her most celebrated works from her European tour, Shown at the Salon Des Beau Arts in Paris 1913, oil, signed, 1913, permanent Collection Art Gallery of Ontario, gift of the artist facilitated by Marion Long

Untitled Portrait


Unknown female portrait verso Contentment painting, speculated to be Mary Ritter Hamilton oil , unsigned, C -1913, permanent collection Art Gallery of Ontario

Untitled Portrait


This portrait is of an unknown elderly woman, perhaps a friend or relative of her niece who lived in New Jersey, oil , signed, no date, Private Collection

Portrait Margaret McCrimmon


Sister of similar painting seen in last gallery, her mother was a friend of Florence,'s and on occasion she traveled with Florence, oil, unsigned C-1920, permanent collection Art Gallery of Ontario, donated by Helen McCrimmon

Portrait Kathleen Hillary


Florence's niece who became her adopted sister after the death of her mother Florence's elder sister Elizabeth Fothergill Hillary nee McGillivray. Kathleen was raised at Inverlynn. The story goes that this was a very forgiving portrait of Kathleen, Oil, Signed, 1892, Private Collection

Portrait of Caroline McGillivray


Florence at the request of her family created this copy of an existing painting done earlier of her mother, younger  Caroline Amelia McGillivray nee Fothergill, oil, unsigned, C - 1890s, Private Collection

Gallery 3 Arts & Crafts



Inspired by Mary E. Dignam President of the Women's Art Association of Canada, Florence begins to explore the art of painted china. She creates this floral design on a Rockwood Pottery piece in 1893, monogram on the base, Private Collection

Fruit Bowl & Serving Dishes


This lovely set of fruit bowl and 12 serving dishes has no makers mark in a floral design it has a monogram and date of 1896 on the base, Private Collection

Demitasse or Chocolate Cup


This cup with a traditional English portrait design, also has no makers mark but has a monogram and date of 1897. Private Collection

Ceramic Tile Portrait


This tile likely fired by Florence is of her mother Caroline, unsigned and undated likely 1890's, Private Collection

Dowery Box


This elaborately carved box by Florence with the McGillivray crest and motto was used as teaching model for her Ontario Ladies College carving class in 1905. It is a cherished heirloom in the family Private Collection



This art nuevo porcelain creamer has been graciously donated to the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. It has no makers mark but has an FHM monogram and is dated 1909.

Gallery 3 Arts ad Crafts Cont.



This dinner plate part of a set with a light green and gold boarder has a hand painted scene of birds on a branch, dated 1888 with a monogram, from a Private Collection

Soap Dish


This lovely period portrait with its delicately painted borders adorns this soap dish painted in 1892 with a monogram on the bottom, from a Private Collection



This ornamental vase with a cherub is finely painted, dated 1895 with a monogram on its base is from a Private Collection

Demitasse cups


The colourful floral designs are elegant on these 2 demitasse cups, painted in 1895 with a Monogram on the base are from a Private Collection

Wash Set


Grasses in sombre colours are the theme of this functional wash table set, all signed with Monogram dated1897, all part of a Private Collection



This pretty water pitcher with a floral design has been well used, dated 1899, with Monogram on the base, is from a Private Collection

Gallery 3 Arts and Crafts Cont.

Tea Set


This lovely tea set, painted by Florence was given to one of her nieces when she got married, it is undated, Private Collection

Robert Burns ceremonial plate


One could imagine many a haggis has been served on Robby Burns  day by the McGillivray descendants who own this plate, undated, Private Collection



The work of a young Florence was found in the treasured possessions of her estate, Private Collection



This dinner plate again in a light green with gold trim has a lovely winter scene painted by  McGillivray signed and dated 1885, Private Collection



This Creamer likely part of a larger set, painted by Florence is signed and dated 1922, Private Collection



This sugar bowl with makers mark Savaril painted by Florence is signed and dated 1914, Private collection