Gallery 5 From Abroad

Untitled, Moret Canal, France


A very early painting, possibly from an undocumented trip mid 1890 or from when she journeys to France 1912. This oil on board, is signed in graphite (perhaps later ) from the area that gave us the Barbizon movement in France. Private Collection

Untitled, Jersey, channel islands


From a trip that took her to Cornwall and the Channel Islands in the summer. this watercolour on paper is signed from 1910, Private Collection

" St. Malo"


This unique harbour near Brittany on the south coast of France. An  oil on board, is signed and dated 1910, Private Collection



The raging shores of the Cornwall coast were a fascination for Florence that summer. A watercolour on paper, signed, 1910, Private Collection

Untitled, Italian Harbour


This unknown Italian harbour is suspected to be in Italy because of the red canvas sails on the boats. This watercolour and gouache on paper, is signed and dated 1914. Private Collection

"A Street in Killarney"


On her way home from her European tour she paints this street scene in Ireland. This thickly painted, oil on canvas, is signed, and dated, 1914. Private Collection

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

"Harvet Time"


This painting could be from an earlier undocumented trip to England 1890's, a signed oil C - 1895 from a Private Collection

"Hign Noon, St. Ives"


In the summer of 1910 she spends the summer exploring Cornwall and the Channel Islands. This scene from St. Ives is a signed watercolour from 1910 from a Private Collection

"Mentone, Italy"


On her way from France to Italy she stops in Mentone and creates a number of coastal scenes like this one. This signed watercolour is from 1914 and is from an unknown Private Collection

"Italian Kitchen, High Alps"


On her way north at the end of her European tour she creates this poignant Post Impressionist scene in italy. This  pastel is signed and dated 1914 from a Private Collection

"Canal Venice"


When she returns to her Frank Street Carriage House Studio she works up many of her European sketches, This wonderful Venice scene is the smaller of two similar paintings. A signed oil on canvas dated 1917 from a Private Collection

"Venetian Shipping"


Again from her Ottawa studio, this colourful harbour scene captures the vibrant scene. This oil on canvas is signed and dated 1917. It was donated to the Whitby Libraries permanent collection by her sister in law Helen, Theodore's wife

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

"Boats Resting, St. Ives"


This pretty watercolour of moored boats 1910, signed Private Collection

"Santa Maria de la Salute"


A classic scene from Venice, an oil 1910 signed Private Collection

"Old Well Brittany"


This quaint rural scene from Brittany is pastel and gouache. 1913 signed Private Collection

Untitled, Stone Cottage,France


Likely after she left Paris she came across this place, watercolour 1914 signed Private Collection

Untitled Bridge Scene


Suspected to be somewhere in France this bridge with house behind is an oil, 1913 signed from the permanent collection of Carleton University, Ottawa

"A Rocky Stream Skye"


Florence passes through Scotland at the start of her European Journey creating this watercolour 1912 signed Private Collection

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

"Waiting for Tides, St. Ives"


Likely spurred on by other artists friends who were visiting Cornwall ,England to paint the scenes there Florence created this image of St.Ives, watercolour signed 1910 Private Collection note the boat name in foreground tribute to Scottish taste in drink perhaps?

Untitled, Ponte Vechio


This unusual and interesting rendition of the bridge in Venice was hard to recognize in this particular style (more on that in future stories) , oil unsigned C - 1914, Private Collection

"Venetian Night"


A work created later back in the studio after her trip to Italy, watercolour, signed with OSA, 1917, Private Collection

"Roasting Chestnuts"


Could this be a street scene from memory or a studio scene created in France it is unknown, oil unsigned 1913, Private Collection

Untitled, Farm Scene


This lush thickly painted scene likely from France was purchased from the artist by a former director of the National Gallery, oil signed 1913, Private Collection

"Archway, St. Ives"


This drawing from the Cornwall trip is likely plein air, coloured pencil signed 1910, Private Collection

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

Untitled, Bridge Scene, Italy


This painting from an unknown location in Italy is subtle yet pleasing in its execution, watercolour, signed, 1914, Private Collection

Untitled, Grand Canal Venice with Gondolas


One of her many scenes she painted while in Venice on the European tour, watercolour, signed, 1913, permanent collection Toronto Museum Sevices

Untitled, Harbour


This reflective painting of the harbour at Livorno, Italy created in a different style than some of her other works, watercolour, signed, undated, Private Collection

"Venice Canal"


This magnificent Post-Impressionist work

was a gift by the artist to the college she was long associated with, one of her larger paintings. An oil, signed, 1914, permanent collection Ontario Ladies College, now Trafalgar Castle School

Untitled, Grand Canal


This painting a somewhat similar view of the Grand Canal as in the last gallery, a closer look with minor changes, coloured pencil, signed, 1914, Private Collection

Untitled, Near Arno


This painting is verso of the "Arno River'

painting, oil, unsigned, C - 1914, permanent collection Art Gallery of Ontario

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

Untitled, French Lane


Several renditions of this lovely painting exist, but this the largest one is the most impressive, a pastel, signed, C - 1913, Private Collection

"San Georgio, Venice"


A later work from the studio a few  years after visiting Italy, some say reminiscent of Gaugain, oil, unsigned, C - 1923, permanent collection Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Gift by the Artist 1931

Untitled, Venice at Night


A mysterious moonlit scene of Venice, watercolour, signed, 1914, Private Collection

"Montreux, Switzerland,Small Boat Station"


One of the last stops on the European tour, before she returns home at the outbreak of war, watercolour, signed, 1914, Private Collection

"French Market Women"


A quaint market scene in an unknown French  town, oil, unsigned, c - 1913, Private Collection

"Sunlit Poplars"


A row of Poplars on a spit with what looks like a remainder of a dock unknown location, watercolour, signed, C - 1914, Private Collection

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

"A Wrecked Wharf, St. Ives"


An impressive shoreline on the coast near Cornwall, signed verso "Love and Best Wishes Florence', watercolour, C - 1910, Private Collection

Untitled, Thatch Roof Cottage


Somewhere en route to Cornwall Florence found this pretty cottage to paint, watercolour,Signed, 1910, Private Collection

Untitled,Trees at the Edge of Woods


A marvellous painting in a different style she came across while in Europe, we suspect the Arno Forrest ( see Florence's Stories in an upcoming post for more details), oil, signed, 1914, Private Collection

"Bradford, Isle of Skye"


In  this foggy rainy painting she gives us a real sense of the place in this early painting from the mid 1890s, for which there is not many details, watercolour,signed, C - Mid 1890s, Private Collection

Untitled, Castle on Mountain


Could this sliver of paper on which the castle is drawn be a scrap of paper she clung to when she was forced to leave Switzerland at the beginning of WWI, coloured pencil, monogram, C - 1914, Private Collection

Untitled, Pastoral Fields


Could this be a view from the train as Florence traveled towards Paris, watercolour, signed, C - 1913, Private Collection

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

"Shore at St. Ives"


Looking back in at the shore and the village of St. Ives, a place known for its artistic community, watercolour, signed, C - 1910, Private Collection

"Waiting for tides, St. Ives" 2


Almost identical to a similar  painting in chapter 4 of this gallery, subtle differences though especially the name of the boat in the foreground, watercolour, signed, C - 1910, Private Collection

" Circus Performers"


It could be a studio set up, or could be in Brittany, where troops where known to perform, oil, signed, 1913, Private Collection

"Rocky Coast, Twisted Tree"


We wonder if this could be a stop in Scotland again at the beginning of her European tour, really an unknown location, watercolour, signed, 1912, Private Collection

Untitled, Country Home


Dwarfed by the trees this lovely country home impressed Florence on her way to Paris, oil signed, C - 1913, Private Collection

" The Summer Cottage"


Another pretty home that captured Florence's imagination as she traveled through France, oil, signed, 1912, Private Collection

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

"Pier Street, St. Ives, Cornwall"


This traditional street scene from St. Ives was created in the prolific summer she visited Cornwall and intermingled with the growing artist community there, watercolour, signed, 1910, permanent collection,Agnes Etherington Gallery, Queens University, Gift of Gordon Conn Trust

"A Scottish Hillside"


A herder with his sheep beside the creek, likely a studio work, watercolour, signed, 1916, Private Collection

"Mountreux Switzerland"


A lake scene from the end of her European tour just before she escapes the war and heads home, oil wash, signed, 1914, Private Collection

"Red Roofs Venice"


Some of the tops of the buildings in Venice a different perspective of the city on the water, watercolour, signed, C -1914, Private Collection

Untitled, Buildings on Canal


An unknown section of Venice typical of the many locations she would have come across, oil, signed, 1914, Private Collection

"Drying Sails, Venice"


One of the series of vibrant,colourful pieces she creates when she gets back to her Ottawa studio, oil, signed, C - 1919, Private Collection

Gallery 5 From Abroad Cont.

Untitled, Cornwall Coast


Crashing waves accost the rocky coast of this Cornwall seascape,watercolour, signed, 1910, Private Collection

Untitled, Rocky Coastline,Cornwall


A cliff of colourful rocks guard the inlet on this scene, watercolour, Unsigned, C - 1910, Private Collection

"St. Ives, Cornwall"


A sandy beach appears in this rendition of a St. Ives shoreline, watercolour, signed, 1910, Private Collection

Untitled, Wavy, Rocky, Coast Cornwall


A boisterous sea, on a windy day at the shore, watercolour, signed, 1910, Private Collection

Untitled, Careened Vessel


Cornwall and the lighthouse are the backdrop for this boat up for repairs, watercolour, signed, 1910, Private Collection

"Near the Lizard, Cornwall"


This colourful shoreline has a peculiar name, watercolour, signed, 1910, Private Collection