Gallery 8 Caribbean

"Wharf Scene,Montego Bay"


In the early twenties Florence explores first Trinidad then Jamaica in her discoveries in the Caribbean, A watercolour, signed, C -1922, private collection

Untitled, Jamaican Roadway


One really gets the sense of the place and the light in this created street scene. A watercolour, signed, C - 1923, private collection

"Old Houses, Port of Spain"


We get a view of history, in this village scene from Trinidad, over the next few years she visits the Caribbean many times. watercolour, signed, C -1921, private collection

"Old Spanish Bridge"


A later work, likely created from one of her sketches, back in the Ottawa studio. oil on canvas, signed, 1928, private collection

"Evening Twilight"


As with many of her oils this may have been a studio work, the light is exquisite, unknown if its Trinidad or Jamaica. An oil on canvas, signed, C -1922, private collection

"Busy people"


Another likely studio work we think Jamaica really captures the life locals. An oil on canvas, unsigned, 1929, Donated to the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery at Queens Universities, in their permanent collection, by her family.

Gallery 8 Caribbean Cont.

"At Trinidad, Pitch Lake"


One of her first trips to the Caribbean in the twenties, we might see influence of a painter she admired, Canadian J.W. Morrice, watercolour C - 1921 signed Private Collection

"Bridgetown Pottery, B.W.I."


The locals selling their wares in the port area, watercolour and gouache 1923, signed Private Collection

"Windmill Sugar Industry, Barbados"


A going concern when Florence painted it, an historic site today, watercolour 1923, signed part of the permanent collection at the PAMA Gallery in Peel donated by Al Rain

"Moonlight in Jamaica"


A church in the evening light with an impressive stained glass window, watercolour 1925, signed Private Collection

"Uncertain Weather on the Savana, Trinidad"


Likely from a sketch created later in her Ottawa studio oil, 1925, signed Private Collection

"Coconut Palms, Barbados"


 A simpler but pretty painting typical of the swaying palms she enjoys creating in her tropical works, watercolour 1925, signed Private Collection

Gallery 8 Caribbean Cont.

"Pick Bay , Trinidad"


The range in the background seems similar to other paintings but this one feels unfinished, watercolour and pencil signed 1924

"On the Savana, Trinidad,Port of Spain"


The figures in this painting reminds this writer of some of J.W. Mortice's figures from his works in Trinidad, the same scene was also done in oil both are likely from the studio, this watercolour signed 1925, Private Collection

Untitled, Gateposts


This colourful delightfully warm painting makes you want to drop in for a visit, watercolour and gouache signed 1923, Private Collection

"Island Rock"


Not sure which island probably from a sketch she brought back to the studio, oil signed 1923, Private Collection

Untitled, Bathsheba Beach, Barbados


A bit of a sea rolling in on this day in Barbados,watercolour signed 1923, Private Collection

"Port of Spain, Trinidad"


The colours and the palm trees of the streets of the Port of Spain, watercolour unsigned c - 1920, Private Collection

Gallery 8 Caribbean Cont.

Untitled, Public Market, Bridgetown, Barbados


A recently discovered market scene this oil is unsigned and C - 1920s, Private Collection

Untitled, Shoreline, Trinidad


Waves washing over the rocks, at this unknown location on the Trinidad coast, watercolour, signed C - 1921, Private Collection

Untitled, Fishermen near Shore


The exact location of this tranquil scene is not known, a watercolour, signed, C - 1920s, Private Collection

Untitled, Caribbean Palms


One of the numerous scenes with no precise locations, the light in this painting gives us a sense of the warmth to the tropical day depicted in this painting. A watercolour, signed, C - 1920s, Private Collection

Untitled, Clouds


We suspect this interesting image of clouds to be a Caribbean location but there are no descriptions verso. this watercolour, signed C - 1920s, Private Collection

Untitled, Palms and Sailboats


Another painting whose exact location  is hard to determine, But typical of the tropical scenes she observed. A watercolour, signed, C - 1920s, Private Collection

Gallery 8 Caribbean Cont.

"Figure on Path, Trinidad"


This painting is a further refinement of a sketch, rather loosely executed, watercolour and gouache, signed, 1925, Private Collection

Untitled, Caribbean Mountains


This  vibrant cloud covered mountain we suspect to be in Trinidad , watercolour, signed, 1920, Private Collection

Untitled, Seascape


Nets drying and boats resting as the catch is unloaded on this unknown beach, interesting lighting in this beautiful painting, oil, signed, 1925, Private Collection

"Trinidad Waters"


Sailboats pass close to the island in this charming picturesque view, watercolour, signed, 1920, Private Collection

"Palms,Seas, Barbados"


The odd shaped rock and ominous sky must have caught Florence's interest in this shoreline scene, watercolour signed with ARCA verso, 1924, Private Collection

"On the Savana, Trinidad, Port of Spain"2


This precise painting is the second version of one shown earlier in this gallery, it is a subtle masterpiece, oil, signed C - 1925, Private Collection

Gallery 8 Caribbean Cont.



An early drawing from one of her first trips to the Caribbean that included Barbados and Trinidad. coloured pencil, initialed, C -1919, permanent collection Agnes Etherington Gallery, Queens University, Kingston

"In Jamaica, Montego Bay"


A simple scene from a later trip to the B.W. I., watercolour. signed, C - 1924, Private Collection

"A Glimpse Through the Hills, Dominique"


A women appears to be coming up the path from the beach, coloured pencil, title and date 1922 verso, Private Collection

" Jamaican Oven"


An outside cook over for a tropical climate, coloured pencil, signed, C - 1924, Private Collection

Untitled, Gate on Path


Precise in its execution, this scene gives us a real sense of the vegetation, believed to be Jamaica a lovely oil, signed, C - 1928, Private Collection

"Port of Bermuda"


There are a couple of trips to Bermuda after the war, they seem more of a vacation than working trips. She was accompanies by her sister Catherine. The monograms a sign of earlier work, watercolour, monogram, no date, Private Collection

Gallery 8 Caribbean Cont.

Untitled, Jamaican Village


A typical village scene, from the British West Indies, a watercolour and pencil, signed, 1921, Whitby Library Collection, donated by Artists relative.

Untitled, Thatched House


A scene of local life in an unknown Caribbean village, likely Jamaica coloured pencil, signed, 1925, Private Collection.

" Stone Breakers on the Road to Fern Gully at St.Annes, Jamaica" verso


One of the many depictions of locals going about their business in Jamaica, pastel and coloured pencil, signed, 1926, Private Collection.

Untitled, Barbados Beach


Rich white sand covers this tranquil beach in Barbados, watercolour and gouache, signed, 1923, Private Collection.

"Royal Palms"


A warm charming scene of a beach we do not know, suspected to be Jamaica, oil, signed, C -1925, Private Collection.

"At Maudville, Jamaica"


People pass on the road to Maudville, in the warm midday sun, coloured pencil, signed, 1924, Private Collection.