Gallery 2 Painting locations Then and Now

"Pine Grove, Sunset" Inverlynn


Sunset through the Pinegrove, in watercolour, from the west side of the McGillivray ancestral home, Inverlynn, in Whitby C-1910, pastel, signed, Private Collection.

Photograph of the Grove


Over 100 years have passed since this painting was created. Many trees have grown and fallen, storms have had an effect on the grove, but this current photo view to the west through the grove is eerily similar.

" An Island of Rocks"


Near the mouth of Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay. Florence sat in front of the Firth cottage, and painted this watercolour view. This is a stones throw away from Dr. McCallum's cottage where the Group of Seven painted in the same era. C - 1924 signed, Private Collection

A photograph of the Island


The vegetation has changed  since the Island was painted, but the striations in the rocks remain the same in this modern day photo.

"Church on Saturday"


The Presbyterian Church in Wakefield Quebec, in water-colour. This is where Florence's brother - in - law Rev. Robert Gamble ministered to his flock for more than forty years C - 1925 signed, Private Collection

A photograph of the Church


Things in Wakefield have changed over the years but as of 2017 this quaint old house of worship still stands.

Gallery 2 Painting locations Then and Now Cont.

"Winter at Rosebank"


This spectacular oil from 1917,signed, is from the west side of the mouth of the Rouge River in Pickering at Rosebank Station now know as Rouge beach and marsh area. It now resides in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Hamilton donated by Kathleen Hillary.

Photograph of the Hill


On a grey winters day in 2017 the sun was not on the horizon as when Florence painted the scene 100 years ago. If we look closely their may be remnants of growth of the birch tree she used in the foreground on the promontory that exists at the mouth of the river still.

"Bank St, Bridge, Ottawa"


This watercolour sketch  C- 1920s signed from the old part of town in Ottawa has more than one rendition, It was walking distance from Florence's Frank Street Carriage House Studio. Private Collection

Photograph of the Bridge


In the modern era this bridge is still a busy overpass and in more recent years it has been restored accentuating its period rot iron lampposts. 

"Shannon Falls, Squamish, BC"


In one of her first trips after the great war traveling in British Columbia she visits and paints a number of watercolours in the Squamish area, this one of its famous falls. This watercolour  is C- 1926 monogram, Private Collection

A Photograph of the Falls


Another rainy day in B.C. when I came upon this now busy tourist attraction on the road to Whistler. Not much has changed with these picturesque falls

Gallery 2 Painting locations Then and Now Cont.

Pencil Sketch


This unsigned pencil ketch is likely from her trip up the west coast summer 1921. It is housed in the permanent collection of the Agness Etherington Gallery, Queens University, donated by a relative

Provincial Observatory. Victoria BC photograph


This modern day photo of Victorias Observatory is taken from the same little island off the shore were she likely made the sketch. Housing development has taken over the hill

"Go Home Bay"


This watercolour painted near the mouth of Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay was done in front of the Dr.Firth's cottage, Former Principle of Pickering College. As previously mentioned in first Go Home painting shown. Dr. McCallums cottage where Tom Thomson and members of the Group of Seven painted was close by. Private Collection C - 1924 signed Private Collection

A photograph of the Island


The foreground, Island and, water lever are the same, but almost 100 years since the painting was created has changed the vegetation

"Cemetery Wakefield"


This 0il C - 1930 signed, is of the cemetery at the end of Mill Rd in Wakefield Quebec, the cemetery was originally created for Florence's Sister Catherine's  husband's family the Maclarens. It is now open to the public and former Prime-minister Lester Pearson rests there. Private Collection

Photograph of Cemetery


The perspective is not the same, but the headstones on the right and in the background are likely those painted by the artist in this modern day picture

Gallery 2 Painting locations Then and Now Cont.

" Lighthouse Stonington"


This watercolour of the Lighthouse in Stonington, Connecticut has been a fixture in the harbour for many years. Florence painted there while visiting her niece who had a summer home there. C - 1919 signed, Private Collection

Photo Stonington Lighthouse


This useful lighthouse has now become a museum which still serves the area, a modern day image of the place

"Horseshoe Bay, BC"


In this watercolour from a later trip to British Columbia, Florence paints the scene as it existed then in this plein air sketch. C - 1928 unsigned, Private Collection

Horseshoe Bay harbour today


The tranquil scene of her sketch has been replaced by the bustling terminal of BC ferries and the large marina today, but the mountains in the background are the same

"Looking Up Burnside"


In this painting of the home on Burnside Rd. in Wakefield, Quebec, which was painted in winter from the home of her friend's, Dr. Geggie, inside the kitchen, or so the story goes. A beautiful oil, C - 1930 signed, Private Collection

Photo of the home


No snow in  this summer view from just outside the kitchen window of what is now the Touis Erables B & B  the photo shows us the house still exists in almost the same colour.

Gallery 2 Painting Locations Then and Now Cont.

Untitled, Stonington Harbour


Visting relatives in the area she created many paintings like this one watercolour signed no date Private Collection

Photo Stonington Harbour


In this foggy photo we can see the similar shoreline as in the painting of the same area

Untitled, Gatineau River, Wakefield


On the distant shore at left this painting shows us the Manse that her sister Adelaide and her husband Rev, Robert Gamble lived in in Wakefield watercolour, unsigned, no date, Private Collection

Photo Manse


The house still stands in this modern day photo of the Gatineau River in Wakefield Quebec

"Rouge River"


This lovely painting shows us the colours of spring in this rendition of the mouth of the Rouge River at Lake Ontario oil, signed, no date, Private Collection

Photo Rouge River


The sombre colours of this winter photo does not reflect the beauty of the spring painting but it does show us the winding delta of the mouth of the Rouge River

Gallery 2 Painting Locations Then and Now Cont.

Untitled, Grove Looking North


This exquisite painting, a later one looks through the end off the grove onto Jeffrey's flats, what was once a pasture is no longer, oil, signed, 1935, Private Collection

Grove Photo


Today with the vegetation behind the trees obscuring the view of the Lynde creek and the flats we see one of the oldest trees in the grove still standing with its partner from the left side of the painting a stump

"Scarborough Bluffs"


There is a photo in the Tom Thomson files at the National Archives, Tom Thomson Fonds taken by Tom Thomson, that is almost the identical perspective of the stunning painting of the bluffs by McGillivray. Could they have been on a painting walk together  exploring the bluffs ? watercolour, signed, no date, Private Collection

Photograph of Bluffs


The ever changing bluffs are a little different due to erosion but this is the spot from witch Florence must have captured the scene, hard to get any closer without falling off

"The Flats Inverlynn"


Very similar view of the flats seen earlier in the gallery, Its still a pasture in this painting, pastel, signed, no date,  Private Collection

Photo of Creek


The creek is overgrow by brush, behind it the flats are now a lovely municipal park and walking trail, but Florence likely set her easel close to this spot to capture the image